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Past Events

Le Bon Voyage - Brooklyn

Tabi Bonney 

Tabi Bonney is an independent music artist, director, and creative entrepreneur from Togo, West Africa by way of Washington DC. His songs and visual content have received global support allowing him to travel and create all over the world. Earlier this year, Bonney took a trip to Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. His intention was to learn more about the beverage, as he is currently harvesting coffee beans from his own farms in the Republic of Togo.

The trip quickly became much more as he grew inspired by the beauty, traditional fashion, and magical pride of the men, women, and children he encountered during his journey. This collection of portraits takes you on Le Bon Voyage (the good trip) through the eyes of Bonney and is currently being exhibited in various cities.

OkayAfrica teamed up with the global luxury design platform The Narativ for The Fresh + Festive Holiday Pop Up Shop that brought you a fun, colorful and chilled out retail experience at Okay Space. The Fresh + Festive Holiday Pop Up was the one-stop shop, that featured items from some of our favorite black-owned clothing, jewelry, home decor, food, and beauty brands.

The Fresh + Festive
   Holiday Pop Up
Ground Games 

Ground Game is a group exhibition of emerging and established artists from the African Diaspora artists creating and capturing ordinary, poetic and significant athletic moments in sports through the mediums of photography, mixed media, painting, and sculpture. Across the world, sport converges people across cultures and languages. It is the game of athletics learned at an early age, building friendships and community, revealing competitions across continents, stopping work to participate and watch the game. 

Black Sand 

Black Sand explores visual narratives and landscapes within Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & Grenada documented during the travels of artist Laura Alston. Through design, photography, and collage, Laura converges her experiences on the four Caribbean islands to relate to her family’s heritage and journey to the United States.

Laura Alston

“Correspondence” explores the narratives of over 20 U.S. political prisoners who have been jailed for their activism in the Black Liberation movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Through her signature larger-than-life portraiture, Sophia Dawson seeks to humanize the activists, while calling attention to their continued imprisonment and advocating for their freedom.

Sophia Dawson
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